Dorothy Graham

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Dorothy Graham
SIGIST. 9 June, London.

Belgium Testing Days. 13 - 15 June, Brussels.

Dorothy is on the programme committee, and will be speaking about test automation patterns.

Test Automation Day. 23 June, Rotterdam.

Dorothy is on the programme committee for this event and will be giving a presentation.

Southeast Europe Testing Conference. 15 - 16 September, Bucharest.Romania

EuroSTAR. 30 October - 3 November, Stockholm.

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Dorothy will be presenting a tutorial with Seretta Gamba on Management Patterns

Links to recommended sites:

Testing will never be automated The difference between automated testing and test automation
Randy Rice's Software Testing Site Lots of good information here, including "Cheap and free software test tools". Randy is a great presenter/trainer, blogger and consultant.
Grove Consultants. Test Automation consultancy, ISTQB training courses and materials licensing.
SQE Conferences (USA). STAR, Better Software, Agile Development and Mobile Development & Test.
SQE Training (USA). Helping organizations meet their Software Testing, Development, Management and Requirements training needs.
Techwell. Keep up to date with what is happening in the software industry today.
Software QA Test. a comprehensive and well-organised site with lots of information about testing in general, tools and books.
Test Automation Frameworks. a useful article by Carl Nagle with lots of good advice.
Testing References. An excellent site to find out information about software testing, including a timeline of the history of testing, a comprehensive list of books, and lists of links to blogs and videos.
Tom & Kai Gilb. One of the foremost developers of methods in areas from Requirements to Agile offering training and consultancy .
TCC. Training and consultancy in development, project management and agile methods.
Sticky Minds. Best testing information web site.


Professional Tester magazine. Interesting articles and news.
Better Software. Excellent magazine - good value.
Methods & Tools. Free online magazine.
tea time with testers. This emagazine looks very interesting and of good quality.
Agile Record. Download a copy of this free online magazine.
Testing Experience. A good online magazine.
Testing Circus Magazine. A good online magazine.