Dorothy Graham
Dorothy Graham

Dorothy Graham Software Testing Consultant, Speaker & Author

Dorothy Graham

Dorothy uses her experience gained over many years of working in software testing to educate and motivate others through conference presentations and tutorials.
She is co-author of four books including her latest book "Experiences of Test Automation"

EuroSTAR 2016

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What percentage of tests have you automated ?

Is this the question to ask ? See Dorothy's blog for the answer.

Test Automation Problems ?

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Test Automation Patterns

Dorothy is working with Seretta Gamba to develop a Wiki that contains common issues (problems) in test automation together with ways that these problems might be solved (patterns). These patterns have worked well in practice.

The WiKi is open to be viewed by anyone and can be found here.
Those who would like to add their experiences can do so by first joining the Wiki. Once this has been done they can then use the Edit facility to add their experiences. As an example, see the Automation Roles Pattern